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【Winter Is Coming & HOT SALE】 Portable Car Heater Defrosts Defogger

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You don't have to wait for the engine to warm up to heat the car's atmosphere for a while. Warm your winter so you can get on the road safely and comfortably. If you are delayed due to a traffic accident, you can keep warm without running the engine.Features

  • QUICK/EASY INSTALL - Simply take it out of the box and plug into your cigarette lighter socket and switch to heat or fan(Make sure your car has a 12V lighter port).

  • MULTI-PURPOSE - On top of having the choice to heat or cool yourself, you can also use this heater to defrost or defog a window. Mount it on your dash and defrost your window and because of its front design, you can heat the air in your car at the same time!

  • HEATING AND COOLING - Automobile demister can quickly solve the car glass fog.Quickly heats the air or used as a fan to cool you in the summer .

  • DURABLE - Made with ABS material, this heater is not something that breaks easy. Ideal for defrosting or de-misting window and windscreens.

Specifications -

  • Power: 120 (W)
  • Rated voltage: 12V (V)
  • Appearance size: 153*128*80MM
  • Color: red, black

Package includes - 

  •  Portable Car Heater Defrosts Defogger x 1