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Ultimate On-the-Go Ice Cube Maker

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Ultimate On-the-Go Ice Cube Maker eliminates ice cube trays with its space-saving design and easy to serve technology. Enjoy 18 large slow-melting 1x1x1” ice cubes from the air-tight container anywhere without foul-tasting freezer odors.

Made from BPA-free food grade rubber and plastics and 100% non-toxic — safe for you, your family and friends. Plus it is super durable and dishwasher safe, so you will never have to replace it! Chill any of your favorite drinks — whiskey, craft cocktails, juices, iced coffee or water!

Enjoy Your Favorite Iced Drink Anywhere!

The ice cube maker makes 18 large ice cubes and can be easily taken anywhere because it keeps your ice, for longer!

The thermo effective container limits melting even after hours exposed at room temperature. So it’s perfect for adding a little extra chilled magic anywhere, whether you’re in a hot tub with someone special, on a camping trip with your family, enjoying the summer sun with friends or even traveling the world.

ENJOY the freedom of bringing your ice cubes ANYWHERE. With ultimate ice cube maker you will get the unique new feature of being able to take your ice cubes with you - ANYWHERE. Thanks to the water tight construction, ICEBREAKER POP stays frozen for longer, and even meltwater does not leak.