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Toilet Spear Cleaning Brush Kit

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Using this Toilet Spear Brush, clean better and easier. Flex design and no sticky.


  • Toilet Brush Kit - Includes toilet rubber wiper,compact hideaway holder.

  • Toilet Rubber Wiper - Flexible natural rubber head with raised dots,designed spear shape for fast, powerful clean the seams,pipe hole edge,deep inside pipe and bowl of toilet but nothing stick.

  • Soft Swab Toilet Brush - Soft acid resistant fibers helps target hard to reach buildup under the rim yet won't scratch porcelain or plastic,the plastic cone hat that removes the excess toilet water and your hands never have to touch it,can be used dry/wet outside/inside of toilet.

  • Quick Dry - Smooth edge and flat spear head design of the rubber wiper enables toilet water flow away easily, put it in the holder soon after use.Soft swab toilet brush can be dry very fast if you shake out/hand squeeze(by plastic cone hat attached) parts of water,handy built-in hook for hanging.


  • Material: TPR/PP

Package includes -

  • Toilet Spear Cleaning Brush Kit x 1