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T-Shape Clothing Trays | Best Clothing Organization System | 10 Packs

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Make closet organization easy and interesting! Bye bye messy drawers and jumbled piles of shirts! Each interlocking divider acts like a thin and flexible mini shelf allowing you to stack your clothes neatly and accessibly!


  • STURDY, DURABLE DESIGN HOLDS 5X MORE WEIGHT THAN OTHER CLOTHING ORGANIZERS - Our premium PP composite material was developed to eliminate clothes from sliding in the trays or bending with heavier clothing.

  • ECO-FRIENDLY PRODUCT - 100% RECYCLED PLASTIC. T-Stacks shirt trays are unique; all of our products are made out of recycled bottles collected from the ocean.

  • CLOTHING ORGANIZATION WHEREVER YOU GO -  T-Stacks clothing organizers can be used in closets, drawers, clothing racks, and even in suitcases. Take them wherever you go! This organization system makes packing for back to school easy. They are also a great idea for dorm rooms with limited storage space. T-Stacks is perfect for business trips where you need to keep shirts wrinkle-free and perfectly pressed when traveling.

  • ACCESS CLOTHING WITHOUT DISRUPTING THE PILE - Easily access folded shirts from the middle of the pile by simply lifting clothing trays and pulling out the desired item of clothing. Our design eliminates disrupting the other neatly folded clothes in your pile.
  • SIZE - 34.8cm x 28.8 cm

Package Includes 

  • T-Shape Clothing Trays x10 (120g/each)