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Stick-It Nano Auto Stick Protect Cover Cloth

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Wrap everything with this multi-functional cloth! New NANO technology, which can automatically stick. Keep your electronics safe from collisions, like camera, iPad, Mac.


  • Nano Tech - Black technology, polymer multi-use wraping cloth. Subversive technological innovation, black technology nanotechnology, smart paste.

  • Protective - The creative use of black technology circular word paste material, using only a square cloth material, to achieve the inner protection function.
  • Easy to Use - Wrap the camera and immediately turn it into a camera bag. Wrap the laptop and put it in a linerless backpack.
  • Simple Design - The design redefines the functional attributes and fashion attributes of the real thing, making the 3C product liner return to simplicity, eliminating the complex decoration and flashy lines.
  • Size: S/M/L/XL S-28*28cm, M-35*35cm, L-47*47cm, XL-58*58cm
  • Color: Grey, Green, Blue, Zebra Pattern
Package includes
  • Auto Stick Protect Cover Cloth x 1