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Puffer Wearable Wristband Water Buoyancy Aid Device

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This bracelet could save your life! Great for swimming, surfing, and all water sports. Pull the lever and a balloon helps you stay afloat Sufficient for a 125 kg person.


  • Airbag Fabric - TPU composite fabric. It is small and compact and easy to work in the water compared with the traditional life jackets. Ease, buoyancy high, adaptable, and the loss is less than 5% when it immersed in water for 24 hours after the buoyancy.

  • Buoyancy Design - The overall buoyancy design is reasonable and has longer life. It is more convenient for you to float safely in the water, buoyancy stronger and buoyancy≥150N that can withstand 125KG weight of adults.

  • Safety Elastic Buckle - The wrist part is equipped with high strength tensile type safety elastic buckle. Snap makes every user feel safe and comfortable. Elastic self-regulation is suitable for all kinds of arm thickness of the crowd.

  • Survival Whistle - Comes with high-quality metal high-frequency survival whistle sound range≥500m.
  • Locate the Direction - Equipped with a compass, so that people can be rescued in the vast waters to quickly locate the direction.

Package includes -

  • Wearable Wristband Water Buoyancy Aid Device  x 1