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Powerful USB Power Mosquito Killer Lamp

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Do you feel angry when you are disturbed by the annoying mosquitoes? While the UV light could solve your problems. It emitted by Led light lures mosquitoes and flies near the trap lamp. Once they fly through the capture window, the built-in DC fan will suck mosquitoes into the storage box. Have a goon night with it.

Features -

  • Anti-mosquito UV lightUsing a special 360°photocatalyst anti-mosquito UV light to trap and kill flying insects, mosquitoes, and annoying bugs in your home.
  • Excellent workmanship - Prevent accidental contact with grip by people or pets, safe to use. It also can be disassembled that convenient for you to clean.

  • Whisper-quiet - Quiet without noise, does not affect sleep, so you can enjoy a comfortable sleep without being disturbed.
  • Strong suctions - The fan stirs the surrounding air to form a vortex, so that the mosquitoes that are used to flying with the airflow come with the wind. When the mosquito approaches, the mosquito will be sucked into the bottom mosquito trap by a strong vortex.
  • Safe - No odor and no chemicals, environment protecting, ideal for indoor using.

Specifications -

  • Product power supply: USB
  • Size: 13X13X22.8CM
  • Power cord length: 108cm
  • Rated power: 5W

Package includes - 

  • Mosquito Killer x 1
  • USB Cable x 1