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The Door Stopper keeps your door right so you do not have to worry about slamming doors, banging your door knob or smashing glass doors. And it will not be pulled on your heavy old doorstop. Only a small touch is enough.

Features -

  • FOR VARIOUS SURFACES - Work well on parquet, laminate, cork, marble, tile and vinyl. Whether it is tile, concrete or wooden floor, these door wedges will stop your door from moving. They are best suited for institutional and office use though they can fit perfectly at home as well. We also tested it on the tiles, the doorstop stays in place.
  • KEEPS LOVED ONES SAFE - Ideal for homes with a toddler or a pet. Environment Friendly, no pungent smell, safe for your kids, pets and family. From stopping a side door, wide door, kitchen, bedroom, home or office door to keeping windows open, this large door stopper kit has so many uses.
  • SIMPLE BUT MAGICAL TO USE - Hold your door open properly to prevent slamming doors and doorknob impacts. To use, start with a clean and dry surface, remove the protective sheet and stick it on the floor at your desired spot.
  • NO ACCIDENT - there are always accidents when you squat to keep the traditional one in place or it cannot hold your door properly, but NO accident is guaranteed by this stopper. Which helps protect hardwood and laminate floors from scratches and dents. These wedges are made of quality certified rubber and are safe to use.
  • EASY TO REMOVE AND STORE - leave NO residues when you would like to stop using the stopper for your door. You could hang the door wedge on door, refrigerator, wall or anywhere you wanted. This decorative door holder features a stunning green and black design that looks fashion.
  • Color: Black
  • Size: 18*8(cm)
Package includes
  • Multifunctional Door Stopper x 1