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Multi-Function Vegetable Grater

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This multi-functional grater is designed to cut vegetables conveniently. Container, drain basket, grater and egg separator, slicer, 4 blades, hand guard and cover are included. Suitable for cutting filaments, slicing, slicing wavy vegetable slices, grinding and separating egg whites. It is a great helper in cooking.

 Features -

  • Food Safety - Made from premium food grade and natural healthy wheat straw material. The dishwasher is safe. No harm to your health.
  • Easy to clean - looks cute and stylish. It will only bring more fun to your cooking. A great kitchen gadget. The blade is very sharp and is made of heat treated stainless steel.
  • Upgraded version - the latest design, unbeatable value. Don't waste your hard earned money on other old and weak designs. Our new and improved design is stronger than any other design on the market. You will get a multifunctional vegetable slicer.
  • Practical and innovative - whether it's making decorations, turning your dinner platter into food, preparing the most delicious salads, making your guests amazing, making healthy raw pasta, or providing your family with the help of family members Healthy fresh potato chips.
  • Efficient - This is the fastest way to replace carbohydrates and high-calorie foods with the most healthy vegetable substitutes.
  • Multi-Purpose Slice - Suitable for making low-carbohydrate and healthy vegetarian noodles and potatoes. Easy to slice solid vegetables and fruits. It is also a grinder and a cutting machine. Just help you make professional-looking decorations such as apple slices, onion rings, potato nests, elegant salads, and vegetable pizza ingredients. Save valuable time and money.
  • Quality and service guarantee - 100% new high quality. The quality of our products is absolutely trustworthy.
Specifications -
  • Material: wheat straw
  • Color: pink, blue
  • Size: 19 X 9.5 X 29 cm
Package includes -
  • Sink Pan x 1
  • Drain Basket x 1
  • Cut Vegetables Motherboard x 1
  • Hand Protector x 1
  • Peel Knife x 1
  • Egg White Separator x 1
  • Thick Wire Blade x 1
  • Grated Blade x 1
  • Filament Blade x 1
  • Wave Blade x 1
  • Slice Blade x 1
How to use it
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