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Multi-function Folding Clothes Hanger Rack

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Discover the new way to easily hang your clothes with this Multifunctional Clothes Hanger. This clothes hanger is not just your ordinary plastic hanger. It is retractable, folding and it rotates 360-degrees! Definitely a must-have for travelers out there!
Features -
  • Good quality of material - This Clothes Hanger is made of environmentally friendly PP material. It is non-toxic, durable, and lightweight.
  •  360-degree rotatingIt features a 360-degree rotating hook. There's a hook on top and bottom.
  • Anti-slip - It also has an anti-slip function, the clothes will not fall off easily.
  • Space-saving - The Multifunctional Clothes Hanger can save you more space. You can hang eight clothes at the same time.
  • Easy store - Because it is folding and retractable, you can easily store it when not in use.
  • Travel partner - It is also perfect to carry while you travel because it easily fits your luggage.
  • Multi-functions - It can also be used to hang your socks, underwear, shirts, underwear, belt, and a lot more.
Package Includes -
  • Folding hanger x 1
Specifications -
  • Color: white, pink, green, blue
  • Material: plastic
  • Size: 420x520mm