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Mower Claw Tray Weeding Head

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Amazing! Trimming your lawn is so easy with this Lawn Mower Head!You even do not need to buy a new Lawn Mower, just use this accessory which fits most irrigation mowers and lawn mowers of general type.Features 

  • Large Cutting Diameter - 9.25 inches large cutting diameter.

  • Safe Design - It has a rounded edge instead of saw blades and is also easy to install! Rounded edge wheels specially designed for trimming and edge trimming grass or weeds.

  • Weed Trimmer Head This is the Weed Trimmer Head, designed specifically for use in the garden to efficiently remove all unwanted and messy weeds in your lawn or garden.

  • Do Not Worry About The Weeds Around Your Trees - The Weed Trimmer Heads can reach all the weeds around your trees without cutting or damaging your trees.

Specifications -

  • Color: Black
  • Material: A3 steel
  • Diameter: 23cm/9.06"
  • Weight: about 550g

Package includes -

  • Mower Claw Tray Weeding Head x 1