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Mini Ladybug Wireless Vacuum Cleaner

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Cute portable Ladybug Vacuum Cleaner is great for removing breadcrumbs and small particles. Now there is cute and fun way to clean up food or small particles on high chair, furniture, desk, carseat, laptop etc.


  • Mini & Handheld - Adorable cartoon beetle style, about 10.5*8*7cm, handheld is perfect, very convenient and easy, suitable for office table, laptop keyboard, desktop, furniture surfaces, clean the cushion or interior of car.
  • Strong Suction - 9700 r/m, keep it in a strong suction, update small turbine straight suction design, whatever dust, crackers, rubber residue, hair, rice, paper dust, sand, it can cleaner all.
  • Long Time to Use - Power supply need 2pcs AA batteries,( we are not including), it can works over 30hs once use the new batteries. Put the batteries out if don't need to use it. Long time to use, save your money and energy.
  • Stylish Appearance - Cute design, also can be as an furnish and decorate on desk, study room, office, fashionable and adorable.

Specifications -

  • Material: Plastic
  • Power Supply: 2xAA batteries (Not include)
  • Size: About 10.5*8*7cm

Package includes - 

  • Vacuum Cleaner x 1

How to Use

  1. Insert the battery: Open the cover according to the arrow direction to turn, that insert the battery.
  2. On /Off: Push the on/off button by your right thumb to turn on the motor.
  3. Clean the filter: Press the Push button to open the base cover according to the directionn of the arrow and take out the filter to remove the dirt with winy brush.