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Innovative Adjustable Containers

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This is the latest innovation in storage jars. Innovative design allows you to maximise your storage space, whilst keeping your food fresher than ever. With a smart vacuum lid, which when pressed down extracts all the excess air from the container, thus preventing your food from expiring!


Nowadays we can buy almost everything online. Life is getting easier, and we keep more stuff at home.

Our living standards have never been higher, but the way how we organize our belongings has not improved significantly.

Our pantries, cabinets, and even countertops are terribly chaotic. They are in a total mess. Either no storage container is used at all, or more oftentimes than not, no SUITABLE storage container is being used.

Wrong storage containers trap excess air that spoils the food. Space is also lost because most containers are not fully filled. You might have a gorgeous pantry shelf, but you might be actually wasting your space, your food, and your money.

That is why we have come up with the Vacuum Seal, an adjustable airtight container that will not only save you shelf space but also helps keep your food fresh for longer.

It has a freely adjustable volume from 16 oz to 32 oz, letting you fill up the space that was not being efficiently used before.

Pull up or push down the body to get the height that fits the empty space. Storage capacity is maximized significantly.

The Vacuum Seal does a beautiful job of keeping things contained and organized!

Just open the lid, fill the container with food, close the lid, and press it down. What you get is a larger storage capacity but with less air inside.

When you compress the container, air goes out of the valve. No air can sneak in from there. Much less air is left in the container and it helps keep the food stay fresh longer. Good for storing a wide variety of perishable foods including cereal, coffee beans, sugar, salt, snacks, pasta, grains, and even pet food! 

Dimensions & Capacity

Height 4.625" (minimum) to 7.625" (maximum) / 11.8 cm (minimum) to 19.4 cm (maximum)

Diameter 4.375" / 11.4 cm

Storage capacity freely adjustable between 16 oz (470 ml) and 32 oz (960 ml).


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