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Household Portable Steam Brush Iron

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Don't fight with the old iron or be at the mercy of your dhobi - use a portable steamer to get steam-pressed clothes in less than 2 minutes.


  • 3D Steaming - Do it vertically, horizontally or very go round & round, unlike regular irons that don't let you press over embroidery of difficult corners, you can use RapidSteam in all directions.

  • Japanese Nano Polymer Filter - Keeps your clothes absolutely stain free. For the record, that’s more than the level of purity you get in bottled water. The steam and the super clean water help clear dirt marks and smudge from your clothes while you steam press! Specialized for different fabric clothing and remove wrinkles, odors and kills germs.

  • Mobile & Handy - It’s light, portable and easy to use - just another reason why it could be an awesome travel companion.

  • Heat Sync Technology - The Handy Portable Steamer heats up within 25 sec. Thanks to the Electronic Pump System, the steam is super dry, continuous and powerful, for fast quality steaming that can even remove complex wrinkles.

  • Tested For Safety - Every Handy Steamer is tested for safety, quality and reliability. It comes with CE certified electricals and a heavy duty shell so that you, your kids and your clothes are always safe.

  • Zero Water Drip - Unlike most garment steamers that will drip if tilted, Handy Steamercomes with ZERO DRIP technology that won’t let it leak even if you turn it upside down.

Specifications - 

  • Weight: 1.040kg.
  • Color:  Blue.
  • Size: 35 x 8 x 10 cm.
  • Water Tank Capacity (l): <0.9L

Package includes - 

  • Flannel Brush x 1
  • Brush x 1
  • Measuring Cup x 1
  • Base x 1
  • Manual x 1

How to use

1. Pour some water.

2. Adjust the dial to the appropriate setting.

3. Plug the iron.

4. Push the steam button.