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Heat Sensitive Color Changing Mug

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These ceramic mugs change when hot liquids are poured into them! Watch as the mug design changes like magic when your mug is filled with hot coffee, tea, or water. Just a mug then you could see the whole solar system, show your friends the magic now.

Features -

  • Temperature should be 60°C - In order to activate cup the temperature of the hot liquid should be over 60°C. At that temperature, it is possible for the color of the mug to change.
  • Display of the whole solar system - Pour in the hot liquid and the constellations magically appear. Includes: Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, Mars, Jupiter, Earth, Venus, Mercury.
  • To judge the drink is cold or warm - You will be able to determine whether the coffee is cold by the color of the cup, so as to avoid drinking cold coffee.
  • Superior gift - A cool gift for the star lover, astronomer, or anyone looking for a place to put their coffee.

Package includes -

  • Heat sensitive mug x 1


Please Note

  • Hand washes only. Not microwave or dishwasher safe(Please wash before first-time use).