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Fiberglass Barbecue Mat

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Grillable reusable non-stick meat barbecue mat, can be cut freely with high temperature barbecue mat, fiberglass, waterproof and oil proof, easy to clean, wipe clean with oil, no need to worry about oil! Culinary enthusiasts and restaurant chefs all over the world love our barbecue mats.Features

  • Safety - Our mats are 100% food safe. The grill mats are extra large and fit with 33x40 cm really on every rust and every baking sheet. If you are too tall, you can easily cut them with scissors or a sharp knife.

  • Anti-Glue and Reusable - The surface mats are made of Teflon-coated silicone that is smooth with no bumps or textures, which makes handling and cleaning much easier. These mats can be used over and over again.

  • Thermostability - The grill mats are heat resistant to about 300 degrees or about 500 Fahrenheit. When grilling, please be especially aware of the dangers of developing fat burns and how to avoid them.

  • Super easy to clean - Cleaning a breeze is easy with soap and water clean (dishwasher safe). to remove if cool and wipe with a damp, soft cloth, then lie flat in the top shelf of the dishwasher.

Specifications -

  • Size: 33*40CM
  • Weight: 42g
  • Color: black / gold / champagne

Package includes - 

  • Fiberglass Barbecue Mat x 2