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Doggie Chewing Toy Toothbrush

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Don’t kiss your fur baby until after they’ve chewed on this very handy Doggie DIY Toothbrush. Let your fur baby brush their teeth all on their own!


  • Easy - Let your fur baby brush their teeth all on their own!
  •  Effortless - A 100% effortless solution for pet owners worldwide!

  • Clean - The toothpaste is released slowly into your dog’s mouth as they chew and chew.

  • Clean and Convenient - Removes food, plaque, cavities, and tartar build-up on the teeth, gums, and tongue!

  • Bite-Resistant - withstands your doggie’s heavy chewing!

  • Stabilizing Paw Pads - fur baby can easily hold it when chewing.


  • Available In Various Sizes - There’s a toothbrush for ALL snout shapes and sizes of various dog breeds.
  • Eco-Friendly & Pet-Safe Material - It’s made from all-natural rubber and non-toxic silicone...perfectly SAFE for your furry four-legged companion!


  • Material/s: Pet-Safe Silicone & Rubber
  • Available Sizes: S — 7.1cm x 9.7cm x 3.8cm (47g), — 10.3cm x 14.2cm x 4.8cm (122g), L — 12.2cm x 17.5cm x 6cm (260g)
  • Available Colors: Green / Blue

Package includes -

  • Doggie Toothbrush x 1