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Cute Caterpillar Lazy Phone Holder

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The Cute Caterpillar Lazy Phone Holder It has a sturdy, yet flexible arm that allows you to prop up your phone in many unique positions. The suction cups allow it to stick anywhere!


  • 2 in 1 function - Made of high-density rubber, the Worm Phone Holder is versatile and flexible. You can wrap it on steering wheels, bike handles, bedposts, trees, & indoor and outdoor railings. It also features suction cups with strong adsorption so you can attach it to smooth surfaces such as desk, counter tops, floors, windows, glasses, and walls.
  • Enjoy your phone anywhere - It holds your phone for you so you can enjoy the ultimate hands-free mobile experience! You can watch movies, go on a video chat, take selfies, live stream or vlog, while keeping your hands free for other tasks. With wide 360˚ angle rotation so you can view your phone in landscape or portrait mode.
  • Offers safety and comfort - Holding your phone for a long period of time can tire your hands or cramp your neck. With this holder, you can stand your phone on a desk, so you don’t have to maintain that uncomfortable grip on it. You can also attach it to your bedpost and let it float over your face for a comfortable view. You can even fall asleep without worrying about the phone dropping on your face.

  • Wide compatibility - It can securely mount phone up to 6 inches. Perfect for both Android & iOS smartphones.


  • Material: High-Density Rubber
  • Size: 51 x 1.74 cm/ 20.1 x 0.7 inches
  • Color:  Black, Green, Pink

Package includes

  • Cute Caterpillar Lazy Phone Holder x 1