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Arctic Hat Sunscreen Cooling Hat/Cap, Best for SUMMER!

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About the product - Arctic Hat Sunscreen Cooling Hat, this one is the most multifunctional sunhat I never saw, I can't imagine that the sunhat can be liked by a large crowd of people. It is a really powerful friend to defeat sunshine!
  • Stay cool and protected from the sun in the Arctic HatThis unisex hat reflects 99% of UV rays and has an evaporative cooling liner that is activated with water

  • Easy working principle and usage. The evaporative cooling inner liner retains cool water and slowly evaporates to keep your head up 20°F cooler. Simply wet the inner lining and put on the hat! Get instant relief from the heat and stay cool for hours.

  • Durable, breathable and lightweight constructionThe same technology is used by professional athletes, the US military, and emergency services.
  • One size fits mostArctic Hat is adjustable, so one size fits most! Perfect for the whole family!


  • Type -  hat/cap
  • Material - polyester
  • Weight - 100g
  • Size - 16" Dia. x 4"H / 18" strap
  • Color - as shown in the image
  •  Arctic Hat Sunscreen Cooling Hat/Cap x1